Our four principals bring exceptional skills honed in long, successful careers encompassing hundreds of innovative projects.  See Full Firm Profile

Robert Barrs is a registered professional planner with 20 years of experience in land use planning, sustainability strategy, policy development and housing research.  Rob’s planning passion is to identify practical solutions to the challenges of creating sustainable communities. His experience includes extensive work leading multidisciplinary teams through many complex, challenging projects including community plans, neighbourhood plans, sustainability strategies, housing projects and sustainable development projects in Western Canada and Ontario.  Rob is past president of Smart Growth BC, a co-founder of Wayblaze Community Crowdfunding and speaks often on best practices in planning, sustainability and community development. 

Daniella Fergusson is a community and stakeholder engagement practitioner with a background in urban planning, design, political science, and web development. On the forefront of rapidly evolving digital engagement thinking and practice, Daniella helps organizations become more participatory, transparent, and accountable. A skilled project manager and problem solver, Daniella has led numerous community planning and engagement projects in Canada and the US, and now provides training and tools that enhance and expand the field.

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Vince Verlaan  is an engagement specialist who skillfully weaves robust engagement and communication activities into cutting-edge initiatives in various sectors. With 25 years’ experience in multi-stakeholder policy creation, program development, project implementation, and education initiatives in BC, Canada and internationally, he blends participatory planning theory and practice with hands-on facilitation skills.  Increasingly called on for training and public speaking, Vince uses dialogue techniques to reduce community conflict, accelerate learning, build trust, and support joint action.

Peter Whitelaw is a specialist in sustainable development and  a strong project manager and collaborative leader who excels in challenging situations.  In 12 years of community and development planning and corporate environmental management, he has consistently innovated in zoning, long-range strategic planning, performance management and private-sector sustainable development strategies. His greatest passion is defining sustainability clearly and practically, creating lasting value for communities, clients and colleagues.


Andrea Campbell is an office administrator who excels in supporting high-functioning teams while establishing and improving office systems. She is our go-to person for administrative tasks, marketing initiatives and project support. She "helps the trains run on time” at MODUS in a myriad of ways. Andrea brings a background, skills and training in community-focused economic development, community investment and social enterprise.

Collyn Chan is an engagement coordinator with a background in sustainable development and environmental economics. She has a keen interest in building collaborative processes and  uses her experience in community development, intercultural understanding and digital communications to ensure people are able to actively participate in planning their communities. She provides graphic and web design, engagement, facilitation, and research support for a variety of projects. 

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Laurel Cowan is a planner with a passion for strategic community design and effective engagement. Her diverse background and technical analysis skills make her a valuable member of the Modus team. Laurel provides detailed data analysis, engagement, and planning support for a wide variety of projects with a strong emphasis on implementation. She is skilled in coordinating and facilitating engagement events and designing attractive, user-friendly outreach and engagement materials, including online tools. 

Stacey Forrester is  an engagement coordinator, having joined MODUS after 10 years of working in public health care. She brings with her a skill set that includes facilitation, research, knowledge translation and technology-based engagement. Stacey is passionate about diversity, inclusion and bottom up processes. She is excited to translate her experience in supporting healthy and resilient people into engaging and creating vibrant communities. 

Deb McIntyre is an office manager with over 30 years of experience in diverse organizations ranging from federal government administration, scientific research and development, software development, advertising and consumer product distribution. She brings administrative management experience, skills and abilities in the areas of business planning, finance, human resources, and office and facilities management.  Deb loves an efficiently run office. 

Malcolm MacLean is a junior planner with a background in environmental programming and policy. He has developed strong multimedia, communications, and engagement skill sets to compliment more technical planning and environmental knowledge. He feels at home when translating technical information into easily understood stories to present in any format from print to in-person to video. Malcolm is energized by complex problems and loves to facilitate solutions focused discussion. He is also skilled at recording, distilling, and reporting on both quantitative and qualitative input gathered through engagement processes. 


Karolina Pol is a sustainability specialist with a background in urban planning, communications and political science. She integrates principles of sustainability and communications best practices into planning processes to empower communities to transition to more sustainable urban systems while enhancing their social and economic wellbeing. Karolina provides planning support on a variety of projects.

Edward Porter is a senior urban designer and registered professional planner with a background in urban design, landscape architecture, policy planning and design-led engagement. A native Tennessean, Edward’s passion for urban design stems from a culture of storytelling: he sees design as a means to frame, facilitate and implement change. He is committed to pragmatic, collaborative and contextual solutions that acknowledge the physical, socio-political and economic constraints of local community investment and phased development. Edward's  master planning experience includes a diverse portfolio of public- and private-sector projects, ranging from architectural site planning, rezoning and public/private realm design guidelines to landscape-scale conservation plans and green infrastructure (riparian and urban forest) strategies.

Anne-Marie Whittaker is an urban design planner and project manager with ten years of experience in sustainable community planning and design, parks and open space planning and design-led engagement.  Anne-Marie has worked for municipalities across British Columbia and in the Yukon. She has an applied design approach to community planning and emphasizes collaboration with clients and broad community engagement to develop liveable cohesive neighbourhoods and vibrant public spaces. She brings knowledge and expertise in project visioning, site analysis, illustrated graphics, neighbourhood planning, and policy development. She is also an experienced facilitator and has coordinated large, public and stakeholder design charrettes.