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Fort St. John Downtown Plan

2014 - 2015

Downtown, Fort Saint John

The City of Fort St. John developed a downtown plan. The plan builds on the 2012 OCP vision to establish the downtown as a vibrant ‘heart’ of the community and create a detailed action plan and design framework to guide and prioritize public and private investments.


To achieve this vision, Modus is assisted the City with a 3-phase planning process. Phase 1 began with a detailed technical review of key challenges and opportunities facing the downtown.


Phase 2 involved a collaborative community based process to develop innovative and practical design directions for the City’s downtown. Public and stakeholder input was used to co-create a vision and “10 Big Moves” to enhance and revitalize the downtown core.

Phase 3 refined these Big Moves and identified policies, guidelines and actions for successful implementation.


City of Fort St. John



Cal Srigley

Key Team Members

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