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Kamloops North Shore NP Charrette

November 2020 - January 2021

North Shore, Kamloops

THE CHALLENGE The City of Kamloops is updating the North Shore Neighbourhood Plan and sought to engage residents in a deisgn visioning exercise that captures the community’s unique character and ambition.

THE SOLUTION In support of these efforts, MODUS conducted a multi-day design charrette focused on understanding and recording a comprehensive design vision – in part
defined by the existing character of the study area – in a series of discrete spaces along the corridor. Working alongside community advocates, our team toured the study area, conducted workshops and developed a range of design ideas for the town centre, high street corridor and waterfront “precincts.” Concepts were developed and communicated through a range of media, including: graphic facilitation and conceptual sketches, scaled siteplans and sections, perspective illustrations and 3D visualizations. A series of check-in meetings with staff, stakeholders and the public helped refine and advance the design ideas and a final charrette report was produced to inform policy considerations for the neighbourhood plan update.


City of Kamloops



Cal Srigley

Scott Hein

Key Team Members

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