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Michael Meyer

Senior Planner, Engagement Specialist

Michael is a senior engagement specialist and planner passionate about the health, vibrancy, and livability of Canadian communities. He is a skilled facilitator and brings a fresh, innovative approach to engagement processes. He incorporates process excellence, creative design, and enthusiasm into his work to be an effective communicator pursuing social, cultural, and environmental sustainability goals. 

Michael has worked on many high-profile, complex, and often controversial planning and engagement projects. He has designed and facilitated discussions with a broad range of participants from residents and small business owners, to elected officials and boards of directors, to new immigrants, persons with disabilities and other seldom heard groups.


Michael specializes in the evolving world of digital engagement and how digital tools can be used, alongside robust in-person techniques, to enhance participation in decision-making processes. He is also interested in gamification and how gameplay elements can be incorporated into engagement to motivate participants, explore trade-offs, and build empathy and understanding.

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