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Patrick Oystryk

Senior Planner

Patrick Oystryk is a community planner passionate about addressing our generation's biggest challenges: Truth & Reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, the climate crisis, and housing affordability. His planning projects aim to create lasting change and break impasses towards a more harmonious relationship with the lands we inhabit and the people with whom we share them. He believes our neighbourhoods should be delightful environments that are carefully connected, mixed income, beautiful, and reflective of the people and stories found there. As a Franco-Manitoban, hailing from the Red River community of Saint-Boniface, he understands the link between culture and geography, and aspires to strengthen and reveal those links in all his planning projects. He recognizes the powerful role land use plays in local government and believes the solutions to our generation's biggest challenges can be found in responsible and sustainable land use planning.


Patrick was once a competitive gymnast and is known to occasionally do backflips (both literal and figurative) for those who ask nicely!

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