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100 Street Greenway

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to convert an arterial road into a great street.


As a “once in a lifetime” infrastructure replacement project, the City of Fort St. John is

replacing 14-blocks of 100 Street, including deep utilities, carriageway and public realm. The City sought to engage residents in a public process to refine a design vision and proactively address potential implementation challenges.


MODUS conducted a month’s long process to engage the community in their vision for 100

Street, culminating in a multi-day public design charrette, considering the central theme of a “street for all.” Block-by-block, parcel-by-parcel, design exploration considered the unique constraints and opportunities along the corridor related to adjacent conditions (building frontages and open spaces) and how street design could enhance pedestrian safety, comfort and enjoyment along Fort St. John’s “main street.”


City of Fort St. John


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