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Edward Drawing at Design Workshop (CPT c


It's all about   collaboration.

In all our projects engagement happens early and often. We believe the range of opinions and constant feed of thoughts contributes at large to the success of the exercise. 

Our engagement style is fun & dynamic -   we are   experts in dialogue methods, have IAP2 training and excel at helping organizations engage people productively.

We empower people through engagement  that seeks to raise awareness and broaden participation, share information, pose powerful questions and access new ideas.

Silverdale Workshop7-adjusted.jpg

An integrated practice.

Cross pollination of disciplines is at the core of our practice.


We believe that creating vibrant and successful places is a complex process that requires input from many backgrounds and perspectives. Recognizing this, each of our team members has a distinct and specialized range of skills and capabilities that are applied to our projects.


Tapping into a range of perspectives on complex issues makes us all wiser, aligns our thinking and action and creates new solutions.

From insight to impact.

We excel at understanding the spatial & visual environment at various scales. Our ability to see patterns and extract deep insight spatially gives us a strong edge when it comes to developing solutions with a direct impact to the issues.

We also synthesize qualitative and quantitative data to create meaning and guide/inform decision making. 

Town Centre - Proposed - WHITE.jpg

Clear communication  wins the day.

At MODUS, powerful visual communication is at the core of our every project. We believe that a picture is worth at least 1,000 words. 


We are experts when it comes to visualizing complex ideas and design interventions in an accessible and compelling way.

This includes:

> The built form and 3d Modelling

> Infographics & Visualizing Data

> Concise Report writing


Rigorous project management

 We aim to strengthen client reputations, and believe that strong relationships and trust are key to a successful team outcome. We are well known for our smooth project management and manage risks by identifying them early and working with clients to resolve them. We maintain sufficient project resources to respond to issues as they arise, but do so calmly and consistently with our strategies, objectives, and earlier decisions and actions. Throughout all projects, we keep open communication with clients to identify areas where quality can be improved, both technically and professionally.

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