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Delta Scott Road Mayors Housing Task Force


The Scott Road corridor in North Delta is facing a range of housing and development challenges related to the location, form and scale of redevelopment - or lack thereof in some cases.



MODUS was employed to facilitate the Mayor’s Task Force through a series of meeting and design workshops (both in person and online due to COVID-19 restrictions), each including some form of engagement activity to better understand resident desires for the future of Scott Road and develop a new concept and policy recommendations for this important part of the City. Central to the process was a three-day design charrette to collect input provided by members of the Task Force and re-envision the corridor’s character and land use policies. Height and density options were presented, and feedback directed a day and a half of production work, including plan diagrams, perspective sketches, street cross-sections, and the collection of precedent images to communicate the new vision. Close collaboration ensured that the Task Force’s thoughtful deliberations directed design explorations and were well documented to inform Plan amendments.


City of Delta



Cal Srigley

Coriolis Consulting Corp.

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