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TELUS Wilderness Camp

THE CHALLENGE The TELUS Corporation purchased District Lot 4444 at Cawley Point with the intent of planning, designing and developing an educational/enrichment centre camp. The site presented a combination of a highly complex terrain/topography, sophisticated site program & user base, and a sensitive natural ecosystem.

THE SOLUTION MODUS was hired for consulting services related to overall project visioning, development planning (including programming, master planning, site servicing and phasing), public engagement and communication as well as project management  related to regulatory processes for land use approvals.

The Master Plan for TELUS  Wilderness Point reflects a near 10-months’ long effort to distill on-site experience, technical expertise and stakeholder input into a clear and compelling strategy for implementing the vision: “an all connected world where nature, people, culture and technology come together for good.”.


TELUS Communications



Diamond Head Consulting

Webster Engineering Ltd


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