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Penticton OCP Charrette

Strengthening form and character through participatory design.


As part of their Official Community Plan update, the City of Penticton asked MODUS to deliver a public lecture and facilitate a week-long charrette.


The charrette was structured around a collaborative review and re-visioning of the city’s needs for preserving and strengthening its “form and character” through a set of development permit area guidelines aligned with OCP goals. We gathered community and stakeholder input through a bus tour, a public forum, a stakeholder workshop, OCP Task Force meetings, and staff meetings. This collaborative and creative process guided the development of big ideas and key directions for the first set of draft Design Guidelines. These translate the “essence of Penticton” into specific strategies to guide future development. Following the charrette, the key design directions were presented, and feedback gathered at the Saturday Farmer’s Market. Involving community members to collectively identify big ideas and key directions from the beginning of the project is key to MODUS’ Engagement-Led Design approach.


City of Penticton



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