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Gospel Rock Village

Building partnerships for conservation-based development.


The Gospel Rock Neighbourhood is filled with beloved community destinations (waterfronts and viewpoints) and includes regionally significant ecologically sensitive areas. More than a decade ago, members of MODUS worked with the Town of Gibsons and local community stakeholders to reconcile community concerns around future development and co-created the Gospel Rock Neighbourhood Plan. With Greenlane Homes advancing development of the first phase of development (e.g. “Block 7”), anticipated amendments to the Official Community Plan and zoning bylaw raised concerns once again within the community.


MODUS was retained by the owner of the Block 7 to lead a comprehensive engagement-led design approach to the rezoning and community planning for the first stage of development at Gospel Rock.

Beginning with a series of key stakeholder workshops, the engagement program was fundamental to the “framing” of the planning effort within the context of community expectations.

The site plan was redesigned to address community concerns (related to conservation of ecologically sensitive areas and community destinations) within the overall village design. As a result, parkland dedication was doubled and a partnership with third party conservation NGOs was created to ensure protection in perpetuity. At the same time, design innovation accommodated 100% of the permitted density within a reduced development footprint, whereby supplying a greater diversity of housing to the local market, all within the context of a mixed-use, walkable neighbourhood design.

MODUS’ engagement-led approach was fundamental to issue identification, collaboration with key stakeholders and the formation of key partnerships that will be required for successful implementation and long-term stewardship of the project.


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