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Species at Risk

Supporting multi-stakeholder engagement to advance species-at-risk legislation.

MODUS supported the BC Ministry of Environment to engage stakeholders to inform the preparation of Species-At-Risk legislation. The Province designed a 3-stage process to engage those who might be affected by Species-At-Risk legislation. During the second phase, MODUS designed, coordinated, and delivered a cross-sectoral, multi-day stakeholder forum with a focus on identifying the best approaches for developing legislation. MODUS worked closely with Ministry staff to identify and invite stakeholders representative of the diverse interests in species at risk, leveraging the Ministry’s existing relationships with stakeholders to ensure broad and diverse participation. MODUS undertook an analysis of the workshop’s results which included complex information about ecosystem conservation and natural resource management. The resulting “what we heard” report provided guiding directions for legislation, policy, and program development.

Client: BC Ministry of Environment


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