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Granville Island 2040

Public and stakeholder engagement for a vibrant Granville Island.


The Canadian Mortgage & Housing Corporation was looking for a creative planning and design process to guide Granville Island’s future into 2040. MODUS was hired to help the project team (led by HCMA) bring together residents, vendors, artists and other key stakeholders by developing and delivering a robust public engagement strategy.


Our work helped to craft a dynamic vision for the Island, setting a bold course and ensuring its success for decades to come. Activities included a public lecture and an interactive Ideas Fair with multiple activities, attended by over 250 people. This engagement opportunity was supplemented by an online questionnaire for those who couldn’t attend, which generated over 750 submissions. On top of that, we trained a team of “Granville Island Ambassadors,” who gathered feedback from another 1,400 visitors to inform the future of the Island. We also developed and facilitated a series of workshops with stakeholders, to identify challenges and opportunities, refine the principles that should govern the Island, and generate bold ideas.


Canadian Mortgage & Housing Corporation



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